Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Little Princess

On my top 10 list of why I love being a mom would be that I LOVE reading to my children.

It has been a joy to my heart since my now 15-year old was a new born baby.

With Ava, this has come as a challenge.  She had never experienced this joy, there is a language barrier, and she likes to hold any book I attempt to read, and open and shut it, and open and shut it again and again.
Just a few weeks ago, I found a copy of Good Night Moon.  For the first time, she was captivated and I was overjoyed.  We still shut the book a few dozen times, but it is one I know by heart so this was no problem.
Then, before our family reunion, I surprised Lily with a copy of the "Little Princess" from the dollar isle at Target.
I began reading it and Ava sat perfectly still.  More amazingly, every time she looks at the cover she shrieks with delight and kisses the dolly.
We have now read the book 3 times, cover to cover and she sits or lays perfectly still.
Oh the Joy! 
I am amazed too that my little princess so closely replicates the fictional story.  Orphaned, yet never alone.  Loved deeply and able to love deeply.  A princess as she is a daughter of the King of Kings.
I am amazed the God has blessed me with this little princess and her older sister.  He is so gracious.

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