Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sweet Sugar

We have had 5 days of a sick, fevery ava.  We stayed home Wednesday night from church and finally, she ate, and was just a wee ready for some fun.

So a little flower went in her hair and I got out the camera.  Yes.  Still learning this deal with a fancy camera.  But we had fun, and lots of it.

Thank you Jesus for healing and for this sweet as sugar little girl.




Sunday, January 27, 2013


I am trying as best I can to learn the ins and outs of a wonderful camera that belongs to my son.  

It takes wonderful pictures, well, in the right hands....

Bailey was leaving for the evening, but gave me a brief tutorial.  The girls were tickled and decided to do a fashion show.

All was going well until I hit a button that started a timer.  Suddenly my command to hold still, was delayed by 8-16 seconds until the flash suddenly went off.

Ava found me amusing, but was quickly done with the fashion show when she realized she did not have a professional behind the camera.  

This look is Ava.  She is incredibly funny and oh so expressive with very few words.  

As my dad says,  "For a little girl who doesn't talk much, she can get her point across."  

Amen, and thank you Jesus for these sent from heaven sweet girls.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


The first day of ballet was early this Saturday morning for our little Ava girl.  It was extraordinarily sweet!


Ava marched in the room as if she had done this all her life.  She got her little colored dot, sat in her little spot, and the music and fun began.  She checked on several of the girls in her nonverbal way, checking to make sure they too were well.  We watched and drank in the sweetness of 10 little two-year olds in tutu's.  


We were stopped by another mom as we all gathered in the window to watch our little joys.  She asked if Ava was adopted and to our mutual delight learned she was in process for a China doll.  We had a marvelous conversation and promised to be a resource for all that lay ahead including their desire to be matched with a little girl with cleft lip and pallet.  


God is so gracious.  His mercies and miracles are truly new every morning.