Monday, June 25, 2012


We had a very special tiny little tea party for Lily's 8th birthday.

Ava drank out of a china cup and put on makeup with her big sister. We painted 5 of her 10 fingers. She didn't have time for more!

I was incredibly blessed to hostess such a lovely time.

God truly shows his beauty through the joy of children.

we are blessed!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Silly Girl

2 glorious months, and counting, with this oh so sweet and silly girl.

God blesses us every day with her presence, and His that we see poking thru those happy almond eyes.

He has been incredibly gracious to lead us to Ava and to watch along side us as we marvel at His grace and mercy.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Ava is making sweet and wonderful bonds with all of us, but there is something about a sister.


My sister is in heaven.  She has been there for longer than I can remember as she arrived here before I did.  She was born a twin to my brother and they both went to heaven after a few short days.  Premature was different then, and I often think of the glorious reunion my mother must have had the day she finally met those 2 children she loved so deeply even for such a short time.


I have often wondered what an earthly sister would be like.  I began to see it today.


Ava copies virtually everything Lily does.  If Lily combs her hair, Ava follows.  If Lily writes a letter, Ava writes something…  If Lily sits in a chair and crosses her legs, Ava does likewise.


Today very unexpectedly our Lily hurt herself at a birthday party.  We went to the hospital knowing and dreading the fact that she needed stitches.  A dear friend grabbed our boys and we were off.  Lily had opened up her heal quite badly fortunately without damage to her Achilles' tendon.  Ava was with us, without a nap and watched the entire episode unfold.  The doctor at some point questioned if she should be in the room.  Brian and I unequivocally said yes.  Ava knows her family, and she especially knows when her family needs eachother.  She never left Lily's side.  Stroking her hand, offering her sips of water, and handing her over and over again the little hand made duck the hospital doctor brought to Lily.  Ava never cried.  She never took her focus off her hero and she did her very best to offer her comfort, love and her touch.


My girls are so blessed to love one another so deeply.  I am in awe of God's hand upon them both.  One from Eurasia, one from Asia, forever bonded in sisterly love.


Ps.  Popsicles and the Sound of Music on the Ipad were a wonderful reward for very brave little girls!

summer fun in ava's foster grants

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Home One Month!

We are one month (or so) home.
It has been an AMAZING month or should I say Ava-Zing!
Ava has truly stolen all of our hearts in such precious ways.
She is incredibly funny and smiley and so full of joy.  The Lord chose well when he prompted Lily to ask if Ava could share her middle name.
She is tremendously easy to care for and love.  Language is coming slowly but she is well able to get her point across.  We have just begun a bit of sign language to give her more actions than pointing.
Ava’s contentedness is a constant reminder of God’s gift when we are obedient to His will.
Is life with a 2-year old busy,  OH my yes, but so so so worth it.  I cannot wait to see what God has instore for this charming, fun, silly child.  She has our hearts and we know God has hers.