Sunday, August 12, 2012

all eyes on Ava

Today we finished up our VBS week at church and headed to a French Connection event at a local park.
It is a gorgeous park belonging to the McCormick family of Chicago.  The kids had worked very hard helping their Dad lead VBS, singing and dancing.  We decided to treat them to a fun afternoon away.

My eldest Bailey had just spent his summer earnings on a rebuilt SLR camera.  Brian and I tried it out!
The venues at Cantigny Park are amazing.  We had a ball.  The kids were troopers. 

Miss Ava had not napped but decided these stairs were worth a go.  She left her stroller and was ready for a photo shoot!

As always she was the center of attention.  Ava’s middle name is Joy,  like Lily she has brought incredible joy and laughter to our home.  

                                                                     We are blessed beyond measure. 


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  1. Absolutely beautiful!! We are in the process of adopting a little girl from Henan who just turned old is your younger one in this picture?