Sunday, January 27, 2013


I am trying as best I can to learn the ins and outs of a wonderful camera that belongs to my son.  

It takes wonderful pictures, well, in the right hands....

Bailey was leaving for the evening, but gave me a brief tutorial.  The girls were tickled and decided to do a fashion show.

All was going well until I hit a button that started a timer.  Suddenly my command to hold still, was delayed by 8-16 seconds until the flash suddenly went off.

Ava found me amusing, but was quickly done with the fashion show when she realized she did not have a professional behind the camera.  

This look is Ava.  She is incredibly funny and oh so expressive with very few words.  

As my dad says,  "For a little girl who doesn't talk much, she can get her point across."  

Amen, and thank you Jesus for these sent from heaven sweet girls.

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