Sunday, June 3, 2012

Home One Month!

We are one month (or so) home.
It has been an AMAZING month or should I say Ava-Zing!
Ava has truly stolen all of our hearts in such precious ways.
She is incredibly funny and smiley and so full of joy.  The Lord chose well when he prompted Lily to ask if Ava could share her middle name.
She is tremendously easy to care for and love.  Language is coming slowly but she is well able to get her point across.  We have just begun a bit of sign language to give her more actions than pointing.
Ava’s contentedness is a constant reminder of God’s gift when we are obedient to His will.
Is life with a 2-year old busy,  OH my yes, but so so so worth it.  I cannot wait to see what God has instore for this charming, fun, silly child.  She has our hearts and we know God has hers.

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