Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Article 5

Such a simple phrase that means so much.

Article 5 is the official review by the US consulate in china of our daughters eligibility to receive her visa and travel with us.

To the HILL family it means, we are 5 now, and 6 in about 2 weeks when we get “TA”.

TA is travel approval or TOTALLY AWESOME as the Hill family has come to know it.  

We then book some flights, and a little bird sitting in china will find her nest, with us.

God is incredibly GOOD.  



  1. Your "little bird" is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Just love the jello buttercup picture of her:) She is stunning and looks like you just want to squeeze her. So excited for you as you approach the day you will hold her in your arms. We traveled last year in March and our gotcha day was the 14th...I remember it like yesterday. Thank you for your kind words on our blog. I love the word picture of her finding her nest with you...so fitting. Wishing you a wonderful journey and a smooth transition as you become a family of six.

  2. Thank you dearheart. My Lily's gotcha day is 18 March, 2005. Indeed a good month for gotcha's! We pray for His perfect timing and complete peace as this little bird meets her mama bird. thank you again :)