Wednesday, February 1, 2012

She has met Us!

Brian and I will be together for a total of about 40 minutes today but by the grace of God, the 20 of those minutes we were eating lunch together, we received a call from our adoption agency.

My heart skipped a beat.  Could it be Travel Approval?  I quickly discounted that as it truly is too soon, so then naturally I assumed something was wrong.

Incorrect again. 

It was a call to confirm my little girl had received her care package.  She has seen our pictures, she has held the dolly I sent and she has some pretty new clothes to try on as well as a little rosey blanket to keep in her bed.

I was thrilled to hear the news.  I am incredibly humbled that she can hold our picture, her referral of sorts.  The Holy Spirit is at work even now letting her now 5 people, and actually many more in our corner of the world, love her very deeply and cannot wait to hold her, love her and pray with her.

I am overjoyed.  Of the est. 149 million orphans in the world, she is no longer one.  God is incredibly good.            Cathy

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