Thursday, February 9, 2012

a rose is a rose...

I find I spend way too much times these days looking at blogs. Blogs are a whole new wonderful world to me.  There are some extraordinarily talented writers and photographers out there.  All I can say is wow.

When we went to Kazakhstan almost 7 years ago, we were the first family to go with our agency.  We were blazing the trail so to speak.  In fact, we were supposed to go with a film crew from the agency in order to document what would be many Kazakh adoptions to come.  At the eleventh hour, that did not occur.  I would have LOVED some blogs at that point to show me where we might go, what we might experience and to tell me someone, somewhere had done this before and lived to write about it.

Now, I am the recipient of an embarrassment of riches as so many have blazed the trail and penned their experiences.  I read a perfectly lovely blog today about naming their little girl.  Amazingly they have yet to meet her or see her picture.  It was so sweet tho, I decided I should write a little about names.

My daughter, Lily, would love for her sister to be named Lily.  A little confusing perhaps but very sweet.

My son Bailey, would love for his sister to be named Gwendolyn; in honor of my mom and his grandmom.  Again, precious in so many ways.

Beau would like his sister to be named for a flower, like his other sister.  So far, he has selected “forget me not.”  Longish perhaps, but one would never forget it.

The winner thus far though was my Sunday school class.  Brian and I teach Pre K and Kindergarten Sunday school.  These kids pray up a storm every Sunday.  I have asked them to pray for my China girl.  Of course they asked her name.  I asked them if they would like to suggest a name.  They went to work and even voted.  I told them I love flowers, just to guide them a bit. 
They came up with a winner:

Jello Buttercup

I love these children.  So at least until the Visa application is submitted and we visit the Consulate, here is a picture we just received of Jello Buttercup.


  1. Sooooooo ADORABLE!!!!
    Can't wait to meet her!


  2. So cute. Such chubby cheeks. :) at the kids- They name all creatures for food :) :) How do you say Rose in French? Maybe she should have a French name to go with her web site and be a truly international kiddo. Sherry

  3. Hi Sherry! thank you so much!
    There is a french name on our list :) Rose is Rose in French, just with a lovely rooooolllleeed "r".
    I am ready to kiss those little cheeks and as Lily says, "put a hairbow in that hair!"