Saturday, March 24, 2012


It was 2 years ago last summer.  Lily and I were at a garage sale and found this little China doll.  I picked her up, and put her down, and picked her up again.  I wanted her;  I just wondered if the seed of hope that had been planted in my heart would flourish, and if one day I would have a little China doll to hold and to love.

I bought her;  I think she was all of $2.  I was intrigued by her Asian eyes, amused by her funny little haircut and enchanted by her kissable cheeks.  She has sat in an old high chair in my dining room, waiting for a little girl to come and love her.  

Yesterday, quite out of the blue, a wonderful woman emailed me saying she had just been to Luohe orphanage.  She was sure she had seen my daughter and she offered me a dozen photos.

There on the very top of the photo;  beautiful asian eyes,  very kissable cheeks, and a new little hair cut   -   my china doll.

God is an incredible Master of details.  He plants the desires within us and takes joy in fulfilling them - in greatly profound and very beautiful ways.

We are coming dolly!

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  1. She is beautiful....
    I'm so excited for you and your family..
    God bless you on your trip to China...