Tuesday, March 27, 2012

happy birthday baby

Sunday was our beloved Baby’s birthday.  It was sweet how we all thought of her the very first thing, much like every day, but somehow more so Sunday morning.  My dear friend and her Auntie Dawn sent the most charming card.  It made it so real that soon we will hold her and celebrate life, and birthdays and holidays as a family of 6.  What a joy it will be.

The Father has spoken to me over and over the last few days that her heart is waiting for us.  I have thought of her so much in the physical.  Holding her, touching her, rubbing lotion on her skin, but of late it has been her heart.  I can tell that indeed the Father has all things in his perfect time as I needed to pray for her inside and out, and that has just begun.  Her peace when she meets us, her joy when she learns of the heavenly Father, and her comfort when she knows we will never let her go.

We wished her a happy birthday with 2 balloons and a note.  All were there, including Grandpa.  I will fondly look at these pictures every birthday to come.  Know you are much loved my little china girl, from inside out!

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  1. Hi Cathy! That's so funny that you posted on our blog, because I told my husband that I bet that was you guys that I had been reading your blog in our travel group! :)) I also saw yours on the Henan Kids site. We are taking all 3 of our boys. They are 5, 9, & 11. And our Naomi will turn 4 while we are there. So glad you all are taking yours too. What are their ages?