Friday, January 6, 2012

Brian sent our little box to China today.  I imagine her every moment of the day seeing her toys, and wearing something wonderfully soft until I can hold her.

It felt good to be busy as I filled that box, and already this morning, I was mentally filling another one.  I told Brian if it is not too expensive, I am hoping we can send one every 2 weeks.  Next time some chocolates for her caregivers and toys for her friends.  We know she is in a room with 7 little children her age.

I fill my thoughts with her and read blogs of those that have traveled to learn what we may need, experience, or see.    I also see that there are so so so many orphans, many of whom will never know a family.  It is inescapably incomprehensible to me that this child was chosen by God's hand for us.    Today, I saw this quote in one of the blogs.  It perfectly captured my emotions...
"You have not chosen one another, but I have chosen you for one another"  -  C.S. Lewis
It is a perfectly wonderful thought that nothing happens by chance.  This child like my 3 others will be lent to me for a time to care and nurture.  Her true parent tho is her heavenly Father, He is with her now and will be with her to the end of the age.

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  1. How old is your Little Bird? I am so excited for her and for you!