Monday, January 23, 2012


A description of our daughter at 21 months old.  

ZhaoQian (translates to beautiful & lovely)
 “She”   likes to chase around and giggle with friends. If Ayi, “auntie”  asks them to line up, she likes to say at the end of the line. When it is cartoon time, she will set with her friends to watch the show, however, she will move around after over 10 minutes watching, she will touch friends’ faces or clothes to get their attention, sometimes, she will push friends from their chairs and set in the chairs, if Ayi points her out, she will lower her head for  a short time 
and gives the chairs back to friends and be happy again. 
This little bird is ready for big brothers.
She has Moxy, she is a Hill girl, and we are ready to have her home.

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