Friday, January 13, 2012

Chinese Fried Chicken

My son requested “home-made” Chinese for dinner last night.  Anything that makes us think and feel our trip is eminent is currently welcome in our home.  We are lonesome for a little girl we have never met, but yet she resides in such big places in all of our hearts.  For this we are amazed and very grateful.

After dinner, I introduced the kids to a new friend, her name is “Google Translate.”  We committed to learning a new Chinese word but I have quickly run out of the 10 or so words I thought I knew.  This amazing technology allows you to type something in English and then you can listen to the Chinese.  The lady sounds a little bit like my GPS lady but she is wonderfully fluent and distinct.  We all learned the phrase “I love you."

Beau quickly understood the science behind what I was doing on the computer and typed in “I love you fried chicken.”

As of this morning, none of us could remember where the Chinese part of I Love you begins and where fried chicken ends.  There is a real possibility our daughter will be nicknamed “fried chicken”, but we will love her anyway!

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