Saturday, January 7, 2012


Our little girl is on my mind tonight as she is so often. Today, we took down our Christmas tree. It was about  6 weeks ago when we hung "her ornament".  We had bought it the Christmas of 2010 dreaming she would be with us for this Christmas.  It was with some grief I hung that little treasure.  I did not know her then.  I didn't know she had beautifully sparkling almond eyes, full cheeks, and that she is now 21 months old. She is described as shy and likes to be told she is "pretty."  This afternoon as I held that ornament, she seemed so close, yet she remains half a world away.  But not in our hearts.  She is as much a part of us as my three other children taking down ornaments and thinking fondly of next Christmas and the many to come when we will be a family of six.

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