Sunday, January 8, 2012

It really is the little things...

  It was one week ago, new year’s weekend to be exact and 3 days off.  Brian forwarded me an email from a lady named Emily.  She indicated she was a volunteer for our agency raising money and awareness for the orphans in Henan.  I read the email and learned her current project was collecting hand made blankets for Henan. 
  Evidently she had not read my resume as I do not sew, a button here and there, but not blankets.  I mentally filed the email, but something stayed with me, such a little request for such little children...
  I got home and emailed, perhaps fleece blankets would do I thought.  Emily heartily agreed and with 3 whole days off, we headed off to Walmart to find fleece.  Twelve dollars later and the kids and I were on the floor in the nursery cutting, pinning and tying. 
  Beau was particularly concerned if ‘our’ blanket would reach his sister.  I told him it was about helping children, and soon we could make and give his sister her very own blanket. 
  One week later and as we gathered for bed this evening I clicked on Emily’s website hoping to follow 4 families traveling to their children.  As I scrolled to find the blogs I noticed 3 new pictures and the words, the “great wall of blankets.”  There on the screen were lovely blankets, hand made, hand tied ready to head to China.  Two little blankets, my children had made. 
With great pride they looked at the screen and sensed they had made a difference and their love would soon make some little babies in their sister’s hometown warm. 
  God tugs on our hearts in little ways only to reward us with the huge warm loving hug of obedience.  He is incredibly good, and cares to teach children in incredible ways.  Even old children, like me.

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