Friday, April 27, 2012

Ava & BaBa

As I sit down, waiting for our vans to take southward out of Guangzhou... out of mainland China, I find myself with mixed emotions.   A part of me is so excited about getting back to Geneva and back into the routine of the Hill Household.   A part of me longs to linger here to spend time with our family in the protective cocoon of being away.   We've learned so much about the Chinese Culture since our arrival a couple of weeks a go; however, a lifetime is needed to really absorb it all.   I hope to share with you or anyone who wants to know about our adoption journey in the near future.

I remember Ava's gotcha day as it is embedded in my memory forever, just like Lily's... and just like the delivery of my boys.   A  Dad's perspective is unique as we see and experience things differently than Mother's do.   Ava walked in the room with a piece of bread in one hand and she was placed in Cathy's arms.  Though she was crying when she first arrived.. she soon hushed as she realized she was finally in her Mommy's arms.    We all cried, it was a joyful time.   My eyes well up with tears now as I write these words.

Over the past days, I've gotten to know Ava in a different way than Cathy.   My Ava Joy has learned to trust me, to know that I am her Father, her BaBa.. her daddy.  Though I've not gotten to hold her for more than a few moments, she lets me rub her feet and will lean over and kiss me on the cheek.  Cathy kept reminding me she would one day lay in my arms, sit on my lap and hold me.     This moment happened yesterday as I was sitting the floor of our room, leaning back on the edge of the bed.  Ava came to me, speaking to me in some Chinese Baby Dialect.   I looked over at her and smiled....  she continued babbling at me, then literally pushed me over on the floor and climbed up on me to play.  We had a precious time bonding and rough-housing that Dad's know how to do.  

This morning we went to a park and Ava had a grand time... we all did actually!   We're off to Hong Kong for a couple of days, then we'll be back home soon.

I can't wait to show off the latest Hill Girl... like the others.. she's absolutely amazing! It melts my heart when I hear her little voice call me...



  1. We can't wait to meet Ava! We continue to pray for all of you and look forward to getting to kmow the newest Hill girl! Love and safe travels dear friends.

    Ron and Penny

    1. Hi Ron & Penny!!

      We can't wait to see you! It's been an incredible journey. Today we are having a fun day at Hong Kong Disney, then we're off to the airport tomorrow. Ava talked to grandpa last night. She was intrigued by the use of a phone. She kept pointing to it. So cute