Monday, April 30, 2012

Home again home again jiggety jig.

The flight was longish, with an extra hour on the tarmac but the kids did superbly well.


2 little crying spells for miss ava but also lots of blissful sleep.  Thank you Jesus.


It was sheer delight to see daddy and all the friends that stopped in last night. The home cooked meal was a tasty blessing! It was sheer joy to see Ava walk around her new home and see her smile and laugh as her siblings got her imitating all the funny stuff they do.


She warmed up to company quickly and loved having kids to play with even for just a short time last night.


The old bed felt great, especially with 4 children saying our now I lay me last night.


God is incredibly good.  We are so so so grateful, humbled and blessed.

To Him to all glory for this journey and this child.


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