Saturday, April 14, 2012

Final Day in Beijing

A few days in Beijing before uniting with our daughter, Doable and Easy…at least it appeared that way on the printed itinerary. Although, the past few days have been incredible, we are ready to board the flight on China Southern Air to Zhengzhou. Ready to move on to the next phase of this journey... Ready to meet our baby!

We are grateful to George and CCAI for making our stay in Beijing memorable.  This morning we journeyed northward to the GREAT WALL of China where we attempted to climb to the highest peak.  Bailey and another couple adopting from Henan did climb to the top of the peak.  Cathy and I sauntered along a portion of the wall with the kids and Grandma Candy taking in the scenery of the mountains.

  The blossoms were gorgeous dotted along the landscape.  Bailey and his new found BFF's  Steve and Leah came back an hour later.  George commended them, calling them true heroes.   I thought otherwise, and was thanking God under my breath for protecting them.

We enjoyed a tour of the official Chinese Jade Market, and a visit to the Olympic Park.

Lunch was interesting as you can see in the photo.  Seemed everything still had its head and eyes.  Beau asked me to remove the eyes from his shrimp, though it was easier to either eat it in one bite or pull the head off.  As for the fish, well it was easier to pick around the bones.  I preferred the duck… and Lily feasted on white rice and French fries.   The rest of us were more adventurous.  The kids at the other table passed their food with eyes over to our table.

Beau entertained our bus  with a special Chinese song he learned from his 4th Grade Music Class, our guide was impressed, so Kudos to FCA Music Department for a job well done.

We hope you enjoy the photos. I know you are anxious to see our little bird!  Promise to have some posted on Monday!

 We are all packed and ready for our journey southward tomorrow. The families we are travelling with are so wonderful,  would you keep us all in your prayers.

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  1. You must be adjusting to the time change. I am sure you are anxious but just one more day. Hart