Thursday, April 26, 2012

Good byes

Today we visited the US Consulate in Guangzhou.  We sat with our group of three other families as well as a few other families adopting their little Chinese treasures.  There was a little play area.  What an amazing thing to see these children play - siblings, friends and lifelong relationships. 

Due to Consulate rules, we could not have cameras, but picture in your mind the Sunday school song, “Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight”, and you will get the idea.  Brian and I as well as the other parents were asked to repeat an oath regarding bringing a Chinese citizen to the US as an immigrant.  I didn’t say one word, nor can I remember even one syllable.  The emotions took over that the work the Father began in our hearts some 3 years ago is coming to completion.  He is Faithful to Finish that which He starts.
We returned to the hotel for group pictures. How I will miss this group. The bond we share is lifelong.  There is nothing like seeing 3 families add their fourth child and one young couple becomes parents.  I will never forget the memories of our gotcha day nor the days prior and since.

Ava cried throughout the photo session.  She banged her head just before but I mused to myself I was ready to cry just as hard.  I treasure our memories and fondly look forward to seeing her become accustomed to her new home, her church, her soon to be nursery and Sunday school friends.  What blessings lay in store as we shepherd her to a saving knowledge of the Savior.

Grandpa asked me this morning how soon she will be coming to HOBI. I dreamt of her in my office, giggling through each room, under my desk and the conference table.  Those dreams will soon come true.  What a blessing to watch her grow.

Her siblings do not give her a moment’s rest.  They have learned how to make her mimic them.  They have learned how to make her roar with laughter, and she has learned to trust them. 

I am still the feeder, carrier and diaper changer, but she smiles when she sees her daddy.  She adores his lotion baths and she will soon think he’s the best thing in the world;  as she should.

We will be headed off shortly to see the pandas here in Guangzhou, and back to the Consulate tomorrow for Ava’s visa. We received her x-rays today and the consulate advised us how to proceed on the US side with immigration.

God has gone before us, in front of us and beside us.
Your prayers have sustained us.

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  1. Excited to see the journey nearing completion...
    -Evan Jasper