Saturday, April 21, 2012

Grandma Candy’s point of view…

Although I have traveled with the family many times – this trip is very different.  I am a seasoned traveler but felt quite “out of control” and nervous about it – Not knowing what to expect when you are half way around the world. It is not our out, not sight-seeing, not relaxing at the beach, and that made me a bit nervous. I loved the days in Beijing; it was our regular type of trip, but always knowing and waiting for our real purpose here, the “gotcha day”.  Gotcha day was a beautiful day, clear and warm.

I have to say that I have never experienced anything quite like it- the range of emotions is hard to describe.  The other families got their families first – oh so hard to watch as they cried and the kids were fearful and crying. I was in tears wondering if it would be so for little Ava.  My heart was aching in anticipation.  As a grandma, you are part observer, part family, so important that mom/dad/ siblings close the bond quickly. Unlike an infant that is totally dependent on you, a 2-year old is a little person already.

It was amazing and so sweet to watch.  No hesitations on Cathy’s part – just took her in her arms and removed Ava away from the orphanage worker.  She held her on her lap and you could see Ava’s fears go away so soon, feeling those arms around her, feeling Cathy’s heart beat near hers.  The little kids were right there as well, talking as Mom smoothed her hair and cooed in her ear.  It wasn’t long before she started reacting to them and to Brian.  Food and drink were offered and she took it.  Big sigh of relief from Grandma as I watched it all unfold. We all get a smile or two as bonding progresses.  Although at this point I haven’t held her, we are progressing, playing the throw and pick up games. Smiles and waves are enough for now as she grows to allow more than mama in her life.

I always love going on trips with family because of time spent with the bigger kids, precious moments of talking, laughing, games, shared experiences – even comforting when mom is not available.  Real grandma time away from home is special to me and this time has the added joy of seeing Ava join the family.  Thank you Lord for blessing me, a woman with no children, with a very special family to love.

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  1. Wonderful to see Candy and read her thoughts and hear her heart. The Hill family is blessed by you too of course!! What a special event. ~~ Lora