Monday, April 23, 2012

What a difference a week makes

We just got back, the four families in our group, for the International clinic where our four babies were weighed, poked and most traumatizing, photographed. Evidently for Visa photos, the government wants happy babies whose ears show. Who would have guessed?
We had several pauses in the process while we waited for the next doctor or nurse, we reminisced that exactly 1 week ago this morning, we were just 4 mama’s, waiting on their Chinese babies. We took a picture that morning too. I remember every detail. We all said we were excited and wanted to throw up all at the same time. What a difference a week makes. From a frightened little girl, my Ava blossoms with every day.

She relishes the fact that Beau will chase her. She loves the fact that Daddy kisses her hand. She watches Lily like her mentor and very dearest friend and she adores to bring things to Bailey and Grandma Candy, which draws huge smiles. She has such a charming personality and is so peaceful. I am amazed at God’s hand in preparing her for the Hill tribe. She fits right in, the icing on the cake and the cherry on the sundae. She is indeed as sweet as sugar.

We will wait for 2 days for the results of her TB test and then process her visa. Guangzhou appears to be a perfectly lovely city. We will explore a bit tomorrow. It is crazy crowded here as there is an international trade show in town. It’s been fascinating to hear all the languages. I pray my older 3 will never forget the blessing of being here and will remember their sister’s culture which we will forever cherish.

Thank you again for your prayers. Ava did beautifully on the flight yesterday, but the big 17-hour journey is still to come! Thank you for the sweet notes, emails and texts. They mean so much! We are humbled by your covering of prayer and support.

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