Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thoughts on Beijing

We have spent two extraordinary days in Beijing, dreamlike in many ways. The weather has been perfect, 70-80 with beautiful sun and a comfortable breeze. I have sensed my heart is in three different places. Part of me remains home in Geneva, praying for our loved ones there and thinking and praying for work issues and the HOBI family.

Part of me has become a tourist absorbing a bit of the incredible Chinese culture. This city and its environs are mammoth with more people and larger sites than I could have ever imagined. The Wall, the Forbidden City, the Olympic village are breathtaking and we are so blessed to have seen them. The people here are incredibly kind and friendly. I have stared at every child under 3 wondering if my daughter will smile like this, or laugh like that. Likewise, the people have stared at us. Our blond haired, blue eyed Beau has drawn considerable attention and lots of photographs whether permission has been sought or not.

Yesterday as we left the Olympic village we were waiting for members of our group and I witnessed an elderly woman draw up along side Beau and just stare at him and smile. Without warning she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and radiated joy. Beau has taken this in with a maturity beyond his years. We talked about it last night as our one way of spreading the love of Christ as we lack the language skills to do more. Of all the sites we have seen thus far it is the visit to Mrs. Wu’s home I will remember most. CCAI arranged a "home visit" with her in the Hujong district. We journeyed via rickshaw and she welcomed us with tea and snacks. She is part of a royal line in China and seemed genuinely thrilled to share her story. To my amazement on her wall hung pictures of Jesus, his life and his death. She is a professing Christian and our one spirit went beyond all barriers of language. It was a true joy to sit in her home.

The last part of me, beyond my thoughts of home, and adventures as a tourist, rest with the purpose of our trip, our beloved daughter. We fly to our meeting place today with great anticipation and bathed in prayer. On the plane over as I dozed the Lord blessed me with the explanation of why He had so clearly given us the image of a little bird for her. I had wondered but didn’t inquire from where this came, it seemed so natural. He showed me a little nest in a blossoming tree in a Chinese city where a tiny bird rested alone in her nest. She had been left in a tree along a long road. I hope to see her finding place, on the Qianjan road and wonder if the flowers are in bloom there. We are 2 years almost to the day, April 23, when this precious little life was discovered at 5 pounds and approximately 1 month old. 2 years also, almost to the day when the Holy Spirit urged us to send paperwork, knowing our little bird was needing a new nest, a new home, and a family to welcome her.

The Holy Spirit revealed finding that little bird in the little nest could not be accomplished alone. It is there He showed me why I have struggled so much with this journey. In many ways it would have been easier to live life uninterrupted, without the mounds of paperwork, the sleepless nights, and the waiting. But easy is not always what the Father has for his children. I knew with every part of my being I could not stand before God and sufficiently answer why I had not answered the call again to adopt. Thus we began the journey that culminates tomorrow. He showed me this journey relies on relinquishing control to Him completely, with thanksgiving and true joy. He has brought to my mind over and over the scripture from Isaiah, "Do not be afraid, I will gather your children from the east and the west". I am profoundly blessed to soon hold two from the east and two from the west.

He is indeed faithful to finish what He starts. I look forward to Monday morning like a child coming down the stairs at Christmas. I can not know whether my little bird will tremble or know we are there to offer her a nest full of warmth, love, and unspeakable joy, but she WILL know and for that I am profoundly grateful.

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