Friday, April 20, 2012

Nap time

The entire Hill clan is quiet at the moment, waiting for Ava Joy to complete her nap.  Although, the nap seems to be over for her, she is awake… mommy is napping beside her.   The time difference does funny things to your energy….one moment we are ready to take on the world, and the next moment we sink into a deep comma type sleep. 

Still, we are all quiet, not only to give mom a little rest… but to watch our little bird jabber, tweet and coo next to mommy.   Ava Joy speaks some baby Chinese dialect that has yet to be discovered by National Geographic.  But those around this scene can easily translate what she is saying, this little one is content and peaceful and happy to be in her mommy's arms.

As I write this blog, I look over to see her peeking at me.. I quietly wave to her...she smiles and shyly waves back.   I am flooded with love for this precious little china doll.
 A stillness has settled, I tiptoe over to snap a picture and to get a wave…but Ava Joy has (finally) drifted off to sleep.

Nite Nite Precious One(s)                 BaBa

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  1. I am overwhelmed by how wonderful things are going for all of you. I almost feel like I'm there as I walk through your blog. I can visualize everything you write about.
    You are all loved and missed. Charlotte