Tuesday, April 17, 2012

She had me at… ni hao (hello)

I had come into that government office yesterday with no expectations. Our family as well as the 3 families with whom we are traveling were told the children could scream, cry or shut down. Essentially as we were to greet 2, 2-year olds, 1, 3-year old, and a 4-year old, we were told to expect the worse. I told the Lord I would accept whatever He gave.

With Lily, those 6 years ago in Kazakhstan we met and began to love her in little teaspoonfuls, 2 hours a day for 4 weeks.
Ava, came as one big cupful of joy, although she didn’t know in the first few seconds what to think. But then, the Holy Spirit met her there. She seemed to instantly know as we spoke to her in Chinese and introduced ourselves, Wa shee mama, Wa shee baba, "I am mom", "I am daddy", Booka………don’t cry She stopped crying. She held tight, He had prepared her for this day. These long two years would end yesterday, for her and for us.

She radiates contentment.
I understand happiness in a child. Happiness is the face you get with an ice cream cone or a balloon. Contentment comes from deep within from a well the Spirit fills with a joy that only he authors. My Beloved is content and for that we are eternally grateful.

Thank you ALL for your prayers. Please continue to surround us with them, we covet them so.

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