Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Belly laughs and bonding

This is the most extraordinary journey and I feel woefully incapable of capturing it on paper. I laid in bed just now with this little bitty girl with moony eyes sleeping next to me, knowing with all my heart, that she depends on us now for everything. Just yesterday, we were strangers, and now we are intimate, life long cherished members of the same family and the body of Christ. I looked at her and thought of the words of a song, the "Fingerprints of God". It is only through those "fingerprints" that the Father places on our hearts that children know they need a momma and a daddy. And it is more of those fingerprints that allow us to seek and know that we need a Savior.

Little Miss Ava has imprinted on me. It is a process where an orphan will pick one person on which they fiercely bond in the early days. They depend on that person to comfort them, and seek them at all times with their eyes and ears. It is nothing short of extraordinary, especially considering it happens within seconds. Today, Ava played with Lily and Beau as if she has always known them. Her daddy got the biggest belly laughs out of a silly little game they created and Bailey watches over this little gal as if his very life is dedicated to her joy. It is a beautiful thing to watch.

Ava is serene, wonderfully content, watchful and as we are learning has a sweet silliness. We went to a store today near the hotel to purchase a dress for her church dedication. She saw a wee play area and soon was squealing in joy at building a tower with her siblings. At the same moment just yesterday, she didn’t know Lily and Beau, but now through the fingerprints of God, they are meshed together like so many peas in a pod.

Ava was loved, as she knows how to love. Ava was safe, as she looks to us knowing we are now her security. I saw the director of her care room weep yesterday, not in sorrow but in joy, seeing her go to our family and knowing we would love her to the moon and back. My heart grieves for the 147 Million orphans that are still waiting, that bear the same fingerprints as my Ava, but have not yet found that one person to call Momma or Daddy.
Tomorrow we travel to Ava’s finding place. The road where she was left, for us to find her. It is there, her finding district, where we will file for her passport and begin the final stage of this process.

I look at her and wonder what God has in store. How he knew 2 years ago April 23, that His fingerprints would point us to her. We are so humbled to be her parents; to be able to see joy, true joy, come in the morning, in her precious little eyes and sweet little crooked smile. We are privileged to be along as the Spirit leads this child and all of our children to His purpose and His calling. I pray they never miss even one tiny step, as His ways are profoundly good.

Thank you ever so much for your prayers. We feel them and treasure each one.

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