Monday, April 16, 2012

Expected and Unexpected

I expected to meet my little girl today, and I did.
I expected to cry,  a lot,  and …. I did.
I expected to love her with all my heart,  and I do.
I expected to see my husband adore her, and he does with everything with him.

I did not expect to see my older three children suddenly become caregivers, cheerleaders and comforters, but I did.
I did not expect to see both my sons weep uncontrollably with joy, but I did.
I did not expect my little girl to pick a bouquet of yellow flowers to draw the second smile of the day from her baby sister, but I did.

I did not expect peace to reign from the moment she was placed in my arms, but it did.  Ava has carefully held us close as peacefully as a lamb.  She has rested comfortably in our arms as we had  prayed.  The Holy Spirit has prepared her for this day as much as he prepared us for this moment. She has a sweet, gentle spirit.  She looks to Lily as her hero, to Beau who drew her first smile, and to Bailey as a gentle giant keeping watch over her.  

God is faithful to bring to completion that which He starts.  We are humbled by His faithfulness and ever so grateful to all who have prayed for this day.  We could feel the loving arms of Jesus as His Spirit embraced us all.  

Sweet dreams little bird, you are home.


  1. My favorite part is to hear that she smiled. :)

  2. Old hymn - "Peace, peace, wonderful peace, coming down from the Father above, Sweep over my spirit forever I pray, In fathomless billows of love." God is so faithful. Lora

  3. In times like these with such emotion, words seem to fail except knowing that "all good gifts come down from the Father of lights" and to simply say, Thank You Father!
    Love in Christ,

  4. Thank you for sharing your daughter and your day! Janet (Lora's sister)