Thursday, April 12, 2012

First Impressions of China

The flight from Chicago to Beijing was seamless, so smooth and comfortable.  The children were on their best behavior, making the process of security, and customs amazingly easy.   We can feel the Lord's hand upon every step of this journey.

After deplaning in Beijing, the walk to immigration was short; however, there were massive lines with thousands of people waiting.  Our little group gingerly found a place to wait our turn.   As we queued up, (about 100th in line) a new gate opened up to my right and I stepped into it and our group moved to about fifth in line.   Our luggage was waiting on us at baggage claim and we push our little carts out the secured area where we met our Beijing Guide, George.   

We met 2 other delightful families, one who has been reading our blog, it was fun to talk shop a little with them. It was like a little reunion of adoptive families.  

George is a happy energetic young man who loves doing his job.  I'm moved by his compassion and stories of helping families and children find each other.

The families will be spending a few days in Beijing acclimating and immersing in the Chinese culture, we will be visiting the forbidden city, the great wall and perhaps get to see an acrobatic show.  The kids should love it!  (So will I!)

Spring has definitely arrived in China, we saw beautiful blossoms and flowering bushes.  Some were recognizable like yellow forsythia and purple dogwood trees. Many were unrecognizable yet beautiful and friendly has they seemed to waive to us in the breeze.

We appreciate the prayers and comments to us from those at Wheaton Academy, Faith Christian Academy, Faith Christian Beginner School, our home church Sanctuary and our friends and family.    We feel covered!



  1. So excited to see that you've arrived in China! Tim, the boys and I are praying for you and your sweet new daughter! Can't wait to hear about your first moments with her! Love you all, Denice

  2. Thank you for posting the pictures and blog. We are so happy to hear about your journey. Please keep posting. We can't wait to meet your precious baby girl.

    God Bless,
    The Dominguez Family