Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thoughts on Beijing (continued)

We head to Zhengzhou in a few hours, then settle in for our journey to her. We have 3 other families with us. 2 of which, like us will be adding their 4th child, and one their first. They all have blessed us richly. They are kind and loving and so rich in stories and love. One family has their 3 boys with them, which has tickled Beau to no end.

One family is traveling as mom and grandpa to pick up their little boy. This grandpa described himself as Archie Bunker, who knew my dad would be along in spirit :) !. And one family who is adopting their little girl from Louhe used to live in Shanghai and have adopted Bailey for our time here. They speak and understand so well the culture here and have been delightful teachers to my son.

We are blessed beyond all we could ask or imagine. Thank you ever so much for your prayers. We feel them more than you could ever know. A peace reigns in my heart this morning. My mother in law said, "Go with God and He will go with you." He is FAITHFUL. Continue to pray for His presence, we have sensed Him so sweetly in the last few hours as precious sleep has come and precious peace.

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