Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our China Bird

Ava Joy-Violette Hill

I think we spent almost as much time thinking about this little gal’s name as we did looking at her picture and dreaming about her. From the beginning the Lord gave me the image of a little bird returning to her nest. A different nest from which she was born, but her nest all the same. Thus, she became our "little, precious bird."

I opened a name book, began with A’s and loved the shortness and simplicity of Ava. I said it a hundred or so times, texted it to Brian and then looked up the meaning. Yes, "little bird" it meant, how gracious God is. The Persian definition is even more stunning, "the sound of music". Brian was hooked.

Lily begged for months for us to call her sister "Lily". A bit complicated and confusing I would explain, but then about 2 months ago, Lily asked if her sis could "share her joy"?

There was the obvious meaning of sharing the middle name, "JOY" but the spiritual meaning as well. We will indeed share the joy of her salvation with this little charming girl.
Finally, Violette. I knew I was adding to my garden and I wanted a flower that meant something to my mom. Every May Day from little on, mother received violets from her neighbor and in many ways her "first daughter" Judy. I continued the tradition until the last May Day we spent with Mom, 8 years ago. Violets and Lily’s of the valleys - my garden is beautifully full.


  1. My how precious Jello Buttercup has grown! ;-)
    We've been keeping you all in our prayers, and are very excited to see your posts.

    The Vernams

  2. So wonderful to see you all together at last. You all look so happy and blessed! We look forward to meeting Ava for real next time we are over. Bless you guys!


  3. Such beautiful pictures with your precious Ava! Tremendous joy is radiating from all your faces! God is soooo good! Gods blessings to each of you! We are excited to meet your little bird, Ava!

    Love you guys,

    Ron and Penny

  4. We are so Happy for you guys! The hardest part of the journey is over! Now bring her home so the rest of us can get to know her and love her and of course spoil her.

    The Ericksons

  5. So happy for your family! Reminds me of our trip almost one exact year ago. Prayers for a continued safe and memorable trip.

  6. What a beautiful China doll!!! Praising God for answered prayers and continuing to pray for the rest of your trip that it would be a time of precious memory making as well as hassle free. Beautiful family pictures. Can't wait to meet your little one, Ava Joy.

    Keith and Linda

  7. Congratulations!!!! We are so happy for you. She is a beautiful addition to your family. We can't wait to meet her. Enjoy every minute.

    The Dominguez Family