Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Our guide today told us the expression in Chinese, "everything in china has a price, except jade, which is priceless". Interestingly enough we had just toured a Buddhist temple and were in route to an art museum to view the beautiful jade carvings of the craftsmen here. I pondered those words for some time as the Buddhist temple and the images there had pricked my heart, as well as that of our whole family. We tried to stand at a distance and admire the architecture, but the temple itself was active with worshippers. Incense was sold at the door and locals bought it by the handful. They would light it in a very ceremonious way, then walk to a communal spot where it was placed. Finally most would approach one of the 3 Buddha’s, each 60M high, and pray. Beau wept at the sight.

These are the times I realize, travel, with all the planning, expense and occasional headache of being a family of 7 on the road is all together and without question, worth it. The incense was so strong, we moved to the entrance and talked to the kids about the fact that all of us, born in Asia or anywhere come with a spiritual hole in our heart which needs to be filled. I explained to Beau that the hunger of the people walking in to the temple was real, it was just being filled with something that would not satisfy and our prayers would need to be directed to their enlightenment from false doctrine to the true gospel.

It was a daunting task to explain to my young children, but my mother’s heart wondered if the path was being set in their hearts to return to Asia for missions, or teaching. Lily commented that Jesus would not have liked items being sold in his temple. Again, another opening for her to see that indeed the "price" has been paid for our faith. We no longer need to offer sacrifices or purchase offerings. If jade is priceless to this culture, forgiveness and salvation are without question priceless to our Christian culture.
We will leave China with rich and glorious memories. Ava will hear from all three of her siblings what a beautiful country her birthplace is. But because of today, we will be praying with renewed zeal for the underground church here. For the veil to be lifted and for many more knees to bow to our Savior before Jesus returns. I remember the peace I felt for Lily knowing she was leaving a Muslim nation to enter a Christian home. Today that peace came for Ava. She will know a living Savior. She will know that she was chosen for our family from the beginning of time. I am so grateful that He chose us for her. She has a zest for life that so beautifully seals our family.
She went to the little playground at the hotel today and roared with laughter. She giggles with excitement at the sight of Beau and tickles when Lily combs her hair or helps her get dressed. She let Brian walk her around the hotel today. It was the sweetest thing to see her trust her Daddy. Men are new to her, and she has no idea what a sweet relationship lays in wait between her and her Baba and her big brother Bailey.
Ava’s passport arrived today and we began visa paperwork as well. The steps to the end of this journey seem within reach. We are cherishing every moment here trying to drink in all we can and nurture the memories of this marvelous place. I am overwhelmed by the Father who would so graciously allow such a wonderful trip, with beautiful weather, safety and good health. And I look in the eyes of my little daughter, and see complete trust, peace and joy. That is His Spirit at work. I am incredibly grateful and o so humble.
    Please continue to cover us in prayer. We feel them daily.


  1. We have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog every evening. It truly is so well written that we almost feel like we are right there with you. So happy that everything has gone so smoothly and that our prayers for all of you are being answered. We are looking forward to seeing you all when you return.....really can't wait to meet my new little niece (I already love her lots)
    Love & hugs to Bailey Beau & Lily and to all of you
    Aunt Patty

  2. Absolutely loved the picture showing Beau's consternation at being unable to get Ava to LOOK at the camera! What a grand adventure. It does read like this is totally different experience from Lily's adoption, no? Perhaps it just appears that way to me. Immensely enjoying following you through the days! Lora